Building on In-fill Lots

Working on a small lot with existing neighbours

Raising a house on an urban building lot where a house existed earlier and with neighbours on all sides is not an attractive situation for most builders. However, there are strategies for overcoming the many challenges presented by such sites.

in-fill lotIn a nutshell, these are the kinds of problems that come with an urban in-fill lot:

Advanced Design/Build Inc. found solutions to all these problems in order to complete the West Broadway Healthy House project.raising finished walls A two storey home of 1800 square feet was built on a lot measuring 33 feet wide. A concrete pump unit was needed to place the concrete for the pile and slab main floor, working from the front street. We pre-built wall components and used the concept of 'raising finished walls' which allows a small crew to lift a long wall that is sheathed and has the finished siding already applied. The use of air nailers was minimized to maintain the quietest possible work site until the work moved indoors. Most of the materials for the home were brought in using a 3/4 ton truck, typically bringing a day's worth of materials so that no loose materials were left on the site a night. Parking permits were required for vehicles on the front street more than one hour, and the back lane access was limited by 2 right angle corners in the lane way. In terms of site access, this was probably as severe as one would encounter in any urban building project.




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