Lount Lodge

YMCA Camp Stephens, Lake of the Woods, Ontario

Lount LodgeLount Lodge is a 3,000 square foot scribed-fit log building that serves as the main gathering place for the Winnipeg Y's summer resident camp near Kenora. The building was the generous donation of Mr. Graham Lount, of Winnipeg, who attended Camp Stephens in his youth. The building features a large centre room with a fireplace and loft that is used for all kinds of Camp events, but especially sing-songs and skit nights. Four smaller meeting rooms adjoin, 2 on each side. All windows and doors were hand crafted for the building as were more than a two dozen stained glass ceiling fixtures. The fireplace is constructed of rugged rock that was barged in from the slag pile of the nearby Sultana Gold Mine. The pine floor and tongue and groove pine ceiling complete the interior, and a cedar shake roof with copper flashings accent the large logs of the exterior.lodge floor

The project spanned 3 summers, beginning with harvesting 250 Red Pine logs from McPherson Island, 40 miles south of Camp Stephens. The logs were cabled together and hauled by tug boat up to the bay of Copeland Island. With no heavy equipment to move logs (weighing between 1,000 and 2,000 lbs. each), a pair of overhead cables were set up between 25 foot high poles, and a 14 horsepower capstan winch* was used to pull logs out of water and lift them onto the building. Fourteen rounds of log construction were needed to reach the top of the walls, and then a full log truss system was built to support insulated rafters of rough pine lumber. The massive building rests on log posts to ground level and then a series of concrete piles reaching to bedrock, approximately 4 to 11 feet below the surface.

Advanced Design/Build provided building design in cooperation with Cooper Rankin Architects. Crosier Kilgour Structural Engineers did the engineering work for the foundation and log roof truss system. Advanced Design/Build led the log peelingforest harvesting work, provided log fitting skills and training for about 20 of the young Camp Stephens staff members who wanted to learn log fitting and participate in this major addition to the Camp's facilities. The rock face for the fireplace, custom doors, divided lite windows, and stained glass light fixtures were also done by Advanced Design/Build.

*Capstan winches are often seen on ships - the drum is dished out towards the centre and ribbed. To use the winch, 3 or more wraps of rope or cable are put on the drum and the outgoing line is manually pulled and set aside. The drum of a capstan winch never fills up - this type of winch can pull any length of rope because the line is coming onto the drum and simultaneously coming off. For the Lount Lodge project, nylon rope of 1 inch diameter was used in combination with a pair of double block and tackle pulleys. The single winch could be used for either of two overhead lines and could raise and lower logs while moving back and forth on the overhead cable with great precision. The entire system was loosely based on the 'high lead' logging system used in British Columbia for logging on very steep terrain.

logs in bayunder loftspud workskyline


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