Teaching Project:

First Nations Community Sawmill Training

God's River, MB and Kejick, ON

Kejick mill groupMany First Nations communities are surrounded by forested lands, but are buying lumber for housing projects. While a portion of the materials needed for home construction require a large manufacturing plant (products like plywood and oriented strand board), framing lumber and 1" boards can be produced by simply sawing and drying softwood logs. Before plywood came into widespread use, homes were built almost entirely with 2x4 lumber sheathed with 1" boards, so the use of sheet goods is not essential. With the introduction of portable sawmills, some communities have set up their own micro-milling plant and been able to supplement imported wood products with their own materials. Local employment is also a benefit of producing lumber from surrounding trees.

Advanced Design/Build has travelled to various remote communities to offer sawmill training and consultation on establishing local lumber drying facilities.






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